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    Strange difference in .chm file size



           I had a situation today where I made some changes to a chm file that I use. After I compiled the project, I compared the filesize to the old version and it was over 1k smaller than the old file. Since I only added a small sentence to one page in the file, there is no reason for the large difference in file size, especially for the file to be SMALLER than the old file. After doing some more searching around, I found a utility to decompile and compare the chm files. Looking through the HTML, I noticed there were a lot of differences between the files that all had the same pattern. In the old version of the file, there were sections of code similar to the following:


      <p class=MainEmpowerParagraph style="color: #ffffff;">Function</td>
      <td style="width: 6.733%; background-color: #000080; border-top-width: 2px; border-top-style: Solid;
      border-top-color: #ffffff; border-right-color: #ffffff; border-right-style: Solid;
      border-right-width: 2px; border-bottom-width: 2px; border-bottom-style: Solid;
      border-bottom-color: #ffffff; padding-right: 10px; padding-left: 10px;"
      bgcolor=#000080 width=6.733%>


      In the new version of the file, for the same segment of code, I had the following:


      <p class=MainEmpowerParagraph style="color: #ffffff;">Function</td>
      <td style="width:6.733%;" bgcolor="#000080" width="6.733%" class="hcp4">


      Then, elsewhere in the file, I found the following definition for hcp4:


      td.hcp4 { background-color:#000080; border-top-width:2px; border-top-style:Solid; border-top-color:#ffffff; border-right-color:#ffffff; border-right-style:Solid; border-right-width:2px; border-bottom-width:2px; border-bottom-style:Solid; border-bottom-color:#ffffff; padding-right:10px; padding-left:10px; }


      So it seems that in the old file, I had a lot of text similar to that contained in the first section of code many many times over, creating a much longer file than the second which seemed to optimize the code by using the 'class="hcp***"' directives.


      My question is this, since the old version of the file was created and compiled with Robohelp only 2 weeks or so ago, why is the new version using this code optimization while the old version did not?? Is there a setting somewhere that I may have changed to get this result?


      Sorry for the VERY long-winded and confusing post, but I hope that someone can give me some insight as to what is going on here.....