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    Quick AS3 conversion questions...

    jezzthisisfull Level 1


      Hi, I'm trying to convert an old Flash file to AS3...is there a way to search/replace action script throughout a document, so that for instance, stop() could be replaced with flash.display.MovieClip.stop() wherever it occurs, as a kind of batch opperation? 


      Also, is this code AS3 compatible? 





      logo_cursor_mc.flash.events.MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE = function() {

          this._x = _xmouse;

          this._y = _ymouse;



      Finally...this code is apparently assigned to a button.  Would you mind pointing me in the right direction as to how to covert this code to AS3?  Do I need to name the button and refer to it from code moved to a timeline frame?  And I think _global.mode set a variable "show_hotbox" available from anywhere within the main SWF...how should it be updated?


      on (rollOver) {

      if (Key.isDown(32)) {

        // 32 is the spcae bar key code


      } else if (_global.mode = "show_hotbox") {




      Thank you very much, super appreciative!