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    Displaying chinese characters on stage.


      Hi, I'm very new to Flash but I read a few books already.


      I'm making an interactive animation for my project and I need to display chinese characters on stage. I've already installed the neccessary Window XP features to display chinese and it does display chinese anywhere I go. The strange thing is that the chinese characters are displayed as little white squares on stage but not in my library. In other words, I can read chinese in my library or any other places in my computer besides those that were set on stage.


      Could anyone guide me how to fix this? Its urgent and I need to fix this as soon as possible.


      Thank you

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          Walter Elias Level 2

          I often use Chinese words in Flash projects, in an English XP system, which I assume is what you're using. I'm also assuming you're using Flash 8 or higher, since earlier versions either didn't support Chinese text or were really buggy in this regard.


          If you're displaying Chinese on an English WIndows system there will always be little problems. For example, many Cantonese characters might show up correctly in, for example, MS Word, but change to different characters in Flash.


          First thing to make sure is that your text is formatted to use either the Windows Chinese fonts such as Ming Liu or MS Hei, or one of the few generic fonts such as Arial which seem to support Chinese text.


          Unfortunately the only foolproof way I've found to display Chinese text correctly in Flash on an English OS is to break apart the text into shapes, so it's no longer text. If you have a lot of Chinese text, this will send the SWF file sizes way up.

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            YinLoung Level 1

            Thank you. Effectively, it was because my font was verdana which didnt have chinese characters within the font. I changed it to Arial and its working like magic!


            Thank you very much.