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    Error opening a project after i have saved it


      The following is the error I recieve after I have saved a project and try and reopen it.  It does not matter if I close Premiere Elements v7 or if i try and reopen the project right away.  I get the same error.  "Projects created with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Premiere Elements are not compatible. Please use the appropriate application to open this project."  I only have Adobe Premiere Elements on my computer.  HELP!!!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Does the project file end with the suffix .prel?


          It sounds like you might be trying to open the media with the program rather than the project itself.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            And, just as a check, the Project files for PrPro will be .PRPROJ, starting with PrPro 1.0. Prior to that, they were .PROJ files.


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              Letmethink Level 1

              Which Premiere Elements version you are using? Is this Premiere Pro project or Premiere Elements project.

              Do one thing, if you create new prooject, add some media to it and save this project. Is reopening same saved project also give error?

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                coopkay Level 1


                Thank you for your response.


                I am using Premiere Elements v7.  We are a Junior High School and our students using Premiere Elements have Roampro Profiles but their Application folder has not been redirected.  And Yes if I add media to and save I get this error also.  I have administrator rights and if I use PE v7.  I do not have this problem. I currently am running DeepFreeze on the C:\ drive and have tried partitioning the harddrive, configuring DeepFreeze to freeze only the C:\ and leaving the D:\ thawed. I then saved the PE v7 project to the D:\ and was unable to reopen it.  I don not have Premiere Pro on any of these machines.


                When I login with Administrator rights I have no problems.  My students do have Power User permissions.  And I have set the security on the PE for the students to full.


                Thanks you for any help you can give me.


                Kay Cooper

                Computer Tech -  Eagle Rock Junior High

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  The biggest problem that any academic "lab" faces, with the use of either of the Adobe NLE (Non Linear Editing) application is that they do not work well, when one is fully networked, or when users are not set to "administrator."


                  Because both Premiere Elements and Premiere Pro are such great teaching tools, it would be great if there was an easy solution for this. Many professors have asked similar questions, and I have never seen a definitive answer. Some shcools have been able to configure things, so that they work to some degree, but I've yet to see a post back, with the exact details. This is something that I would definitely contact Adobe Support Technical Support with. There could well be simple workarounds, but details of these is sorely missing in the fora. From a general user's standpoint, the answer is usually, "can't be done," or "only if all users have administrative rights," etc. That is because we know many of the limitations of the programs, but have never been faced with a situation like yours, or the other professors. To be blunt - we just do not know.


                  I'm not at all familiar with the two programs/schemes that you mention, so I cannot comment on the viability, or the settings of either. I hope that maybe one of the professors, who has been successful, will chime-in with some good suggestions for you. In the meantime, I would definitely ring up Adobe Technical Support. TS for installation issues, and that is what you have, really, is free. Please do report back with how they helped you to do, what you need to do. You will likely help a teacher, and probably soon.


                  Wish I had better news, and a quick-fix for you, but I do not. Maybe Steve, or another user, has some tidbits that might help. Unfortunately, the closest that I have come to running an Adobe NLE in a networked environment is having some media Assets on a NAS. Though all of my computers are on a p2p network, each Adobe program is local, and I am the only user and have full administrative rights on each machine - no use to you and your situation.


                  Sorry, and good luck,



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                    coopkay Level 1

                    Thanks for the info.

                    I will try TS and see if they can help.