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    Converting DVD to SWF


      Is there any easy solution for converting DVD to Flash? I have an instructional DVD that I need to add to a website.



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          Michael Borbor Level 4

          Just look on the web for any vob to flv converter you could find some  freeware apps that do ths

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            paulkirtley Level 1

            I'm on the Macintosh Platform. Do you know of any Mac apps that do this?

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              Michael Borbor Level 4

              I don't think so, for now I'm a PC guy, but there should be one, Google is your best pal remember.

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                You may try DVD to Flash Converter, The features in the official site are below:
                Flexible DVD content conversion
                You can import any VTS_**_*.vob or the IFO files to process.

                H.264 and Flash 8 video encoding
                H.264 video encoding is to gain a higher video quality with the same bite rate or a smaller file size with the same video quality. Flash 8 video encoding offers you a high video quality.

                Time-saving batch conversion
                Process batches of files at a time with efficiency, achieving what manual work is impossible.

                Project profile saving for different uses
                You can save project profile for later use, or save multiple projects for different uses.

                Cue Points for Events and Navigation
                Cue Points allow you to add events and navigations at points where you want the video to interact with another element on a webpage, for example, want to display text, synchronize with a Flash animation, seek a different time point in the video, etc.

                Ready HTML file for web design
                HTML file providing codes is ready for you to edit, reducing your workload and saving time for video publishing.

                Flash Player with brilliant skins, full-screen playback and settable controls
                Various skins are for you to choose to match your web style. Settable controls are for you to custom a Player that others may not have, while full-screen video playback is for your visitors to enjoy the video at ease.

                So I recommend you this tool,you can see detail and guides:
                Free download link:
                Good luck.

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                  convert dvd to flash format?  then put it to youtube or yahoo video. I know this software can do this,  eahoosoft dvd ripper can convert your dvd to flash with high quality.