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    Interface Color


      Why do the navagation areas, collum headings and other interactive features have to be black?


      Can you put a feature in that allows us to delete collums or hide them?


      When you remove a book in the library why doesnt the thumbnail go away in the "My Digital Editions Folder"


      Please if possible give us more control over interface pesonalization.

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          I am very interested too.  White with black text on a computer screen is too hard on the eyes for comfortable reading.  I like the features and simplicity, but will have to look for something else if I can't change the interface.


          I was glad to see the dark background when first installing, but when the book came up in stark high contrast black and white, I was disappointed.

          Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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            Yeah, I was impressed by the interface A Lot, I love it. But when I opened my first book and found that I couldn't change the background and font color

            I was disappointed. So far I really like Digital Editions, but having the options to change the background color, font color, and possibly the font would make this Amazing. The high contrast between black and white makes it hard to read for a long time.

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              It's September 2010 and options to set background, interface and page color are not available yet. That shows how much Adobe cares for accessibility. Even candid requests for help such as http://forums.adobe.com/message/2228188#2228188 have been ignored.


              I'm uninstalling ADE right now.

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                I know Adobe Digital Editions is a free product, but given how sophisticated and expensive their commercial products are you might think Adobe would pay just a little more attention to users of their promotional free software just to help promote sales.


                That said I have found a workaround for the background color and text contrast problem in Adobe Digital Editions that is a passable solution for me.  I simply go into the monitor setup for my Viewsonic Monitor and change the color temperature to sRGB and the screen becomes grey with black text.  If your monitor has color temperature adjustments, give it a try.