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    change from .lrdevplugin to .lrplugin breaks the plugin

    SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

      Em.. as all my experience is in Web, this is a new one on me.


      I've built a metadata plugin that adds an 'enum' drop down menu and a 'string' field.


      Works fine as a .lrdevplugin but when I change the extension to .lrplugin it gives an error (yes I've removed the dev version and then added the .lrplugin via the plugin manager).

      When I Add, I get the following error:


      **** Error 1


      An error occurred while attempting to load this plug-in.

      The following error occurred while running Info.lua: PluginInfoProvider.lua:2: attempt to call global 'require' (a nil value)



      Any ideas?