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    Cannot connect to website

      Would someone please help me. I ahve been on to support and they have suggested the forum. I am running windows xp professional and I used to use Contribute 3 to connect to my website. I was having problems connecting and it was suggested that I upgrade to contribute CS3, which I did and since I upgraded I cannot access my website at all. My administrator advised me to delete my connection and start off fresh again. I have done that and using the correct settings, the same as my administrator I enter them all and eventually I get an error message stating that my administartor settings are invalid and the systems suggests deleting them and when I click ok I get a message saying that it is unable to delete the settings. Can you please tell me how I can delete the old settings as they must be embedded somewhere in my system because whem I check it preferences it states that there are no websites. If I could delete the old settings, I think it might solve my problem.

      Looking forward to your help. Thanks
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          > Can you please tell me how I can delete
          > the old settings as they must be embedded somewhere in my system

          as a guess- it's the admin settings on the remote site.
          Are you the only person using Contribute on that site?

          If yes- using some FTP client, connect to the remote server.
          Look for a folder named _mm in the root level that contains a file named

          delete it [or rename it]

          now try to create a new connection. {or have the admin make new admin
          settings, and then create and send you a connection key}

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            zorroo25 Level 1
            Hello Alan

            Thanks for your reply. I am not the only user of the site. My administrator uses it as well. Would it be ok if I get him to carry out your suggestion. Since I posted my original message I installed CS3 on another computer in hopes that it would work but I got the same problem again, so it would appear that it must be something remote.

            Thanks again