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    How can I schedule the loading data?

    IlyaG Level 1

      If you will try to enter my application now http://gazman.000space.com/, you will se how it starts before all the images been loaded(unless you have a really good connection, then you might miss is).


      I have three states: basic state and another two. I wont to put some loading message in the basic state so once all the pictures from the second state been loaded it will switch to the second state and it will not load the third state, not just yet.


      I wont to be award for both of the loading process, one from the site to the user PC and one from user PC to user screen(part of my pictures will be over 1000/1000 size, so I believe some users will have to wait)


      I really hope that I succeed explain to you my question and you will be able to help me.