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    AIR Won't Install on Ubuntu Jaunty




      When I try to install AIR 1.5.1 on Ubuntu 9.04 it looks like it's doing something and a window briefly opens but closes immediately and the command prompt returns.  I've created a .airinstall.log but after the installer crashes the log is still empty.  If I run with a -silent flag I simply get 'Adobe AIR is currently not installed' followed by 'Installing version' before the prompt returns.  I've tried running the installer without desktop effects enabled, using the free nv graphics driver as well as the nvidia binary, without the '.bin' extension and with 'su' instead of 'sudo' but all to no avail.  I'm using 32 bit Ubuntu on 32 bit hardware.  The Reader and Flashplayer installers work fine.


      I found a similar post to this about Ubuntu 8.10 which someone replied to and asked about the log file but the original poster hadn't replied.  Can anyone help?  It would be really appreciated!  Thanks!

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          GauravKhurana Adobe Employee

          Do you see any messages for the location of crashlogs while installing AdobeAIRInstaller.bin in silent mode from the terminal?


          $ ./AdobeAIRInstaller.bin -silent

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            syed mehadi Level 2

            As AIR 1.5.1 is installing fine for me on Ubuntu jaunty (904), so looks like a configuration issue at your end.

            As you have already tried logging and silent installation, so try running installer using strace and send the terminal output at syed@adobe.com

            maybe that will help us in narrowing down the issue. You can also register for pre-release so that you can also try out latest builds and one fo them might be having fix to your problem.




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              AR5699 Level 1

              Hi,  Thanks for your help guys :-)  Nope there's no logs or info on crash dumps when I run with with -silent.  Syed, just to clarify, to run with strace is strace a command followed by the installer, e.g. 'sudo strace ./AdobeAirInstaller'?  I've had quite a bit of experience with Desktop linux as a user but not as a developer/debugger, so if you could clarify how to use strace that would be great.  Also, do you have a link to sign up for the pre-releases?  Thanks

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                syed mehadi Level 2

                Better to try out both the cases

                strace ./AdobeAIRInstaller.bin

                sudo strace ./AdobeAIRInstaller.bin -silent

                and please send the output of both the cases.


                We would like to get this issue resolved : ), so just send me (syed@adobe.com) your mail id

                and i'll check if i can get you an invite to join our pre-release program.




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