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    Audio only on a video clip


      Hello gang,


      Hope someone can answer this question.  I took a series of video clips over a week.  After I began putting them together, I somehow "lost" video.

      They show up as a video clip in the menu screen, but when I go to play them it is only the audio portion that shows up.

      Then after I let it play the clip "loses" the video pic associated with the clip and shows the "audio" note.  so I guess its now an

      audio clip and I lost my video?  Any ideas from the smart crowd????  I am definately not in that group.  very novice!\





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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Please tell us more about those Clips. The more detail, the better.


          This is common, when the AV Clips are not DV-AVI Type II, to begin with. It is usually caused by either not having the proper and necessary CODEC's installed (usually an error messge on this one), or the files use a CODEC that PE cannot work with. Often, the offending Clip will play in a media player, but any NLE program will be doing more than just playing the file - it will also be editing the file.


          Use G-Spot, a free utility to tell everything about that/those file(s). It will first survey your computer for properly installed CODEC's, then tell you which ones were used to create the file, when dragged to it. Remember, just because you might have the proper CODEC's installed, does not mean that an NLE, like PE can USE those CODEC's. You might have to convert the file, outside of PE first. However, the info provided by G-Spot will help us tell you how you need to do the conversion.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            I'm with Hunt. It's most likely the video clip itself. What type of camera did the video come from and how did you get it into your computer?


            But another possibility -- if this is video from a standard camcorder and not a still camera -- is that you captured only the audio and not the video. There is a setting on the capture screen for this, and it's possible it was toggled on.


            But we'll know more once we find out the source of your video.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Interesting. I've never used any of my still cameras to record Video, though many will. I did not know about this setting. Learned something new already today, and I just finished my second cup of coffee.





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                coachdruiz Level 1



                My recorder is a Samsung digital mini DVD recorder, non HD.  With what Hunt said about Codec's, the first time I tried

                to download from the camcorder itself I got some type of codec error.  So I used the SD card, inserted it into the computer

                and it seemed to work fine.  I have video recognized on the camcorder and on the computer at this time.

                I was able to bring up the video clips, edit them (using PE7) and save them as a project.  A

                couple days later, I went to view them and they showed up as audio only.  I'm still on the 30 day trial version (wanted to test

                a few programs before I purchased them), so not sure if that plays a role either.


                Any ideas?


                grateful for any insight...



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  DVD camcorders are not the ideal for interfacing with Premiere Elements. But, rather than using a USB connection or SD card, you should:


                  1) Finalize the DVD disc;


                  2) Put the DVD in  your computers's DVD drive;


                  3) Use the Organize/Get Media/DVD Camcorder to download the files from the disc.


                  You should also make sure your Premiere Elements project is set up for editing video from a DVD/Hard Drive camcorder.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                    I was able to bring up the video clips, edit them (using PE7) and save them as a project.  A couple days later, I went to view them and they showed up as audio only.




                    These two lines cause me to wonder a bit. I wonder if you are looking at, and trying to play the proper files. Let me give a bit of background, just so we're both on the same page. First a few questions: When you transfered the files from the SD card, what format did they appear as? Where did you copy them to? Would you download and install G-Spot. Run one of those files, the ones that you copied over from the SD card, and see what that program shows, expecially the upper right of the screen, where the CODEC used is shown. There will be both the "name" of the CODEC and the full specifications of it. That info might contain an answer for us. Next, look to the lower left of the G-Spot screen. You'll see two columns of little squares, with the number 1 in them. One is for Video, and one for Audio. Hit the #1 for Video, and you *should* get a box below, with #2 in it. Hit it, and you *should* get a box with a #3 in it. Again, hit #3, and you'll get a tiny viewer at the upper-left of the screen. Your Video *should* play. You may also need to render the Audio too.


                    Now, for the info: In PE, when you Save, you are only saving a Project file, with the .PREL extension. It is only a database, with no media in it, only links to media. There are also some Audio Conforming files, that appear in the PE Project folder structure, that will have the same filename, as your media files, but will have the .WAV extension. These are only Audio files. There will be some much smaller files there, with .PEK extensions. These are the Waveform Display.


                    PE is a non-destructive editor, in that it does not alter the original media files. They *should* be intact, as you copied them from the SD card. It would be easy to accidently play, say the conformed Audio files (remember, same filename, but with the .WAV extension*). You *should* be able to play your original (actually the copies that you made from the SD card) with no problem. If they play only Audio, and you have opened the right files, then you likely do not have the proper CODEC on your machine. That's what paragraph two is all about. and we'll have that answer.


                    Let us know what G-Spot says, and good luck,




                    * If you have your OS's Folder Options to not show file extensions, please change that setting. You definitely want to see the file extensions, especially as many of your files will have the same filename, with NLE work.

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                      coachdruiz Level 1

                      Ok Hunt, thanks for working with me on this.  Here is where I'm at....


                      When I imported the files I used the import function of PE and it automatically saved them to documents/myvideos.  They showed up as type "SMOV004.AVI"


                      setup GSPOT and ran a couple clips through in different ways.  When I ran the file directly from the SD card, it shows in the upper right, under the video section:


                       codec: SEDG, name: Samsung,  Status: "codec(s) are not installed"

                      with "MPG4" lit on the right,, also showing PVOP


                      In the lower left, I clicked on the 1 button and it showed:


                      Partial Render failure.  The following is an error reported by direct show: 

                      0x00040257: (unknown)


                      More specifically the audio could be rendered but the video could not

                      (Src)>>(A)>(AVI Splitter)>(B)>(ACM Wrapper)>(C)-->(Default Directsound device)


                      Then when you click the 2 button the viewer shows just the audio.


                      I guess I need the proper Codec installed and that will fix the problem? 





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                        Paul_LS Level 4

                        Yes the codec is the issue. Doing an internet search there are a number of folks having an issue with this Samsung codec. Download the codec in the link attached and install it. Be careful to download from the link provided as newer versions of the codec apparently dont work. Also read about which version to install if you have XP. There are also a lot of glowing reports... so hopefully it should sort out your problem.


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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Paul_LS great link for Coach.


                          I am always puzzled why so many camera mfgrs. do not ship the CODEC necessary to work with thier camera's footage. Someone needs to shake them like a momma' dog shakes a bad little puppy! Samsung is not alone on this. Canon and Nikon are both using variants of the .MOV and .MJPEG formats with tweaked CODEC's. They just leave it up to the buyer to find a way to get these files into current NLE's. That is just not good support in my mind. It is almost as though they cross their fingers, as they ship the cameras out the door, in hopes that "no one will ever want to edit any of this footage, only display it directly to a TV, or watch it via direct connection on their computers." If one does wish to edit it, then they have a lot of reading and searching ahead of them.


                          [Rant Mode/OFF]



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