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    Photoshop Album 2.0 Catalog problem


      I have been using Photoshop Album 2.0 on my old computer (Windows XP) for some time. My new computer is Vista 32bit. I have installed Album 2.0 on the new computer. I have used Easy Transfer to transfer the Photoshop Album Catalog to the new computer. When I open Photoshop Album all I get is a blank catalog page. Does Vista support this version of Photoshop. How can I retrieve my pictures and settings.

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          BedtymeBear Level 2

          It's not compatible with Vista, no.

          You might try the free Album Starter Edition, although I'm not sure if you can just open an existing Album 2.0 catalog in it (I don't use either software, so I just don't know).


          If your catalog is empty, then it's possible you didn't transfer the actual image files to the new computer.

          Album only stores a link to the images on your hard drive, so you have to have the files in place for the catalog to see them.