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    Device error to export on Blu-Ray


      In Adobe Elements 4, when i made export to Blu-Ray a device error apear . I repeat the export three times with diferent discs,Verbatim 2xBD-R , Memorex 4xBD-R,and the same problem apear..The computer is a Sony Vaio AR-71S. Please help me...

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          No need to say that you already tried to restart application.

          For 'Device error', try whether device working properly with some other application like Window Movie Maker or other app comes with BluRay burner.

          'Device error': try to connect device first and add media to it and than start Premiere Elements

          'Device Error': Insert some bluray dics or movie to bluray burner and check whether window explorer able to read it properly.

          'Device Error': update Blu-ray burner firmware.

          'Device Error': In Premiere Elements, Share, select 'BluRay' not 'DVD' and click on rescan.


          Please try these options and till than let me think some more way to help.