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    AcroRd32Info.exe disrupting XP


      Greetings All


        I've tried to find info regarding the AcroRd32Info.exe process to no avail...& hopefully this won't be as fruitless as it's my last stop. Though after reading some of the other threads around here, I'm not holding my breath.


        I have XP Home with SP3 and Adobe Reader, which is not the same as the AcroRd32Info.exe's "dual personality" version that says or, depending where in the version's properties you look. But they're in the same folder. Anyway, I rarely use the reader but for some reason when I open my Windows Explorer, this nuisance insinuates itself into the running processes and creates havoc, freezing anything that is running at the time and after about 5 minutes of nothing responding, ramps up my CPU to the point where the computer crashes. Sometimes, it'll just start all by itself and I'll find out it's running in the task manager if & when I can even get the manager to open...but the up goes my CPU and Down goes my computer instance, is usually a clue it's started itself up for no reason. I've stopped the "display in browser" setting but since it's not opening in IE, that doesn't look like a solution.


        Can I dump this annoyance or does anybody have a suggestion to just Make It Stop?! Or should I just delete the reader altogether...it's Very frustrating being in the middle of something when all of a sudden this program unwittingly takes over and renders your computer unusable grrr! Thanks in advance for any assistance.


      Coincidently, is it just me or is this site as sluggish as that damn Reader?


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          SkyGemini Level 1

          Okay, so I'm replying to myself...but I also fixed this problem by myself & just wanted to pass it along in the hopes that it might help anybody else out there experiencing the same difficulties. I uninstalled the Reader v.8.1 and found a nifty little program called: AdbeRdr910 Lite (you can find it on Yahoo search or Google, etc.)


          It effectly ditched the uneccessary AcroRd32Info file, it does Not start by itself nor simply by opening Explorer, doesn't freeze or disrupt any other running processes, uses no CPU and closes its own process when you close the Reader. Just like it should.


          So far, so Great!