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    DNG Converter Menu won't fully open


      Hello Folks. I am at wits end (I know - short trip LOL). Having difficulty with the install of DNG 5.3 (XP with CS2).


      The menu page opens but the bottom part of the DNG menu (where you push the buttom for "convert") is missing! I have tired to re-download and reinstall numerous times. It simply is not there. I get 4/5ths of he menu screen, but not the bottom business part!


      I had a recent XP update. It did work earlier. I shoot with a 5DMark2 and am converting CR2 to DNG (r trying).


      I cannot figure this out. Searches revealed this problem (I believe in this forum) but there was no answer except for possible screen configuration/resolutions. (Tries that too.)


      Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you.



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          Panoholic Level 2

          Have you increased the display magnification (via the advanced display properties)? Depending on the magnification, more or less of the dialog controls may not fit in the window (funny, if you click on any control and use the Tab key, you can step through the invisible controls as well, but that's a guesswork, for you don't know which one has the focus).


          I posted this error for at least a year ago, or much longer back. The answer was "we are working on it". A possible solution is changing to the "new" XP interface (like the rounded cornered dialog boxes, as opposed to the "Classic" interface).

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            MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

            What is your screen resolution?

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              Greg13th Level 1

              Thank you both for jumping in. Truly much appreciated. In a related post right here I noted that the DNG is suddenly working again. I don't get it. My resolution (and I have tried many) is 1280x1024. I have not yet, but will, the different XP interface. Thank you again. Greg.