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    Converting Canon RAW to PS Raw


      Hi Folks, wondering if anybody can help me?


      I am taking photos with my Canon DSLR in RAW, file extension .CR2.

      When using Canon's Digital Photo Professional,  I am only able to transfer the photo to PS, CS3, in a TIF file.

      I wish to be able to work in PS Raw.

      I purchased a book, Scott Kelby's 7 point system.

      With this book, you download photos from their website and work with their photos with an extension of .NEF

      I would wish to also work along with my photos but I am unable to transfer to the same format that PS CS3 recognizes.



      How do I transfer my Canon .CR2 photos to CS3 whish will allow me to work on them in NEF format?


      If anyone could help, I would appreciate it. thanks!