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    Problems Editing HDV

    JP Hartline

      I'm trying to edit HDV video in PE7, but I'm having some problems. The video playback is very choppy, updating about every 10 seconds, but the audio remains intact. The video plays back fine in VLC. My computer meets the system requirements, and the video is rendered in the timeline (i.e., no red line above it.)


      Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


      Here are my system specs:


      Dell Dimension E520

      2.13 GHz E6420 Intel Core 2 Duo Processor

      2 GB RAM at 667MHz

      512 MB nVidia GeForce 7300le Video Card

      250 GB Hard Drive at 7200 RPM

      305 Watt Power Supply

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          So this is hi-def HDV, captured by Premiere Elements over Firewire, right?


          My guess is that your system isn't optimized for video editing. You've got plenty of power -- but if the operating system isn't tuned and cleaned, you're not using it to its full advantage. If your computer is a laptop, this can be an even bigger problem, since laptops are built for portability, not speed. The often use slower spinning hard drives, for instance.


          This is particularly true if you are using Vista -- which wastes lots of power on its sidebar, dock and Aero interface. Per the FAQs to the right of this forum.



          You may also have out of date drivers or firmware. This is true even if your computer is brand new.



          Finally, even if your computer is brand new, it can be loaded with "crapware" and spyware. A good cleaning and tuning, using a program like Advanced System Care (free) , can make a huge difference in performance.


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            JP Hartline Level 1

            Hi Steve, thanks for your answer.


            Sorry I forgot to put my OS in my original post; that would have been helpful...


            I'm running a brand new install of XP Home 32-Bit on a Dell Desktop. I just reinstalled it, then updated my drivers, and there is no crapware on it. The visual effects are turned down to the minimum, and I have no other programs running in the background.


            When I tested it last, PE7 was the only program besides essential Windows services running, but I still has the same issues.


            I've been editing DV for years, so I know how to tune a system; this system can edit DV with heavy effects with no problem, even with multiple programs running in the background, so I'm at a bit of a loss as to why it chokes this much when editing HDV, especially since it meets the system req's. The only weak points are my power supply and the frequency of my RAM; maybe that has something to do with it?


            Thanks again for any help.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Your RAM frequency is not likely a problem. With a dual-core processor running XP, that thing should fly! And you should have no problems editing HDV, if your drivers and Quicktime are updated and your hard drive is formatted to NTFS (not FAT32), clean and defragged and you don't have some odd configuration, like RAID or partitioning.


              Sorry. Other than that, I have no solutions.

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                Ed.Macke Level 3
                • Have you tried turning off Windows Indexing?
                • How much free space do you have on your hard drive? Is it defragmented?
                • What happens if you bump up the priority of Premiere Elements to "High" via Task Manager?

                And... just to verify... it's only playback (via the monitor or timeline) that causes you problems... everything else runs fine?

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                  JP Hartline Level 1

                  Thanks all for your help.


                  It turned out that my Primary IDE channel had gotten switched to PIO mode, causing my hard drive to read at around 3.4 MB/s. Don't know how this happened, as I checked right after I installed Windows. I ended up having to do a Windows repair install to get it back in Ultra DMA mode, but it's flying now.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Interesting. This is the second PIO-switch in the last month on the Adobe fora. Wonder if some Windows update is responsible for this, as it's quite odd?


                    At least things are working for you, and thanks for posting,



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                      JP Hartline Level 1

                      It would not have been Windows Update; this was a brand new installation of Windows, no updates to the OS itself. I had PE7 running less than 30 minutes after I had installed the OS and video and sound drivers, and I already had the problem.


                      I read that Windows sometimes forces PIO mode if it gets a certain number of errors from the drive on that channel. A couple months ago I was playing with dual booting Ubuntu and XP, and I screwed up my MBR really bad in the process. My drive had been running slower since then, but I attributed that to my error (I use external drives for storing my DV footage, so this didn't effect them.) I reinstalled XP and it got a little better on startup, but the drive was still slow when I was using it. I'm guessing it still was giving off errors that caused XP to force PIO mode. Whatever the case, repairing the XP install fixed my problem.


                      Since you mentioned that there have been other instances of this problem, here's a site that helped me out: http://winhlp.com/node/10. It explains how to force Windows to use DMA using multiple methods. Hopefully anyone else having this problem won't have to go to the extreme lengths I did to get it fixed.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Thanks for the link. I guess that it was coincidence then. Still, two PIO problems in a week, when I'd only seen one before made me wonder.



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                          Ed.Macke Level 3

                          Wow, that's really weird!

                          Just for future reference, all the references seem to be to IDE drives... do you know whether SATA drives could have this DMA/PIO issue?

                          Also, I thought this was a helpful quote from the article you linked to:


                          A typical symptom of PIO mode is slow data transfer, accompanied by high processor load, leading, for example, to a choppy video display.
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                            JP Hartline Level 1

                            After a little research, I believe I have this right: Your IDE channels are what control your drives and interface them with your motherboard. It doesn't matter if they are SCSI, PATA, or SATA, they all run through the IDE channels.I believe that SATA drives can have different controllers if the drives and chipset support it, but if not, they run on the default Microsoft IDE channels.


                            In response to your question, my drive that was transferring slowly was a SATA drive, so yes, it does effect them. I believe what you are thinking of as an "IDE drive" is actually an PATA drive; I thought the exact same thing until recently.


                            I may be wrong, and if so, I hope someone jumps in quickly and corrects me


                            Here's a couple of Wikipedia articles if you'd like to read for yourself: