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    Illustrator won't open

    hira505 Level 1

      I have an iMac, 2GHz Intel Duo with Adobe CS2 installed. Recently, Illustrator will not open. I continually receive the message that Illustrator has quit unexpectedly. I've tried re-installing the Illustrator application, but I cannot open old files or create a new file.   The Photoshop and InDesign files continue to function.  Any suggestions?

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          Quit Illustrator and then


          Trash the settings folder the Adobe Illustrator CS4 Settings folder  in your User's Preferences

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            hira505 Level 1

            Hi Wade,

            Thanks for the info, but I want to make sure I'm doing the correct procedure.  Here is the sequence and then I'm stuck.  Library>Preferences>Adobe CS2 Settings folder.  You suggested that I throw the CS4 Settings folder into the trash.  There is no CS4 Settings folder in Preferences, just a CS2 Settings folder.  Do I throw the CS2 Settings folder in the trash?

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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

              Sorry about that I will change my template to read (X) meaning what ever version you have installed I should have made the change to read >Adobe Illustrator CS2 Settings in users/username/library/Preferences/Adobe Illustrator CS2 Settings. And yes throw that folder out. Trash it. If you want you can also throw if on a Mac com.adobIillustrator.plist out as well it is also in the users preferences a little bit further down the list.

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                Hi Wade,

                Threw away the Settings folder and I've got a smile on my face again.  Props to you, thank you for your help.  Slightly different screen name, same guy,  but that's another story.

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                  I am currenltly having the same problem with AICS3 I have followed the instruction outlined above but still no luck launching the program

                  This is the error i get:


                  Picture 1.png


                  Any further advice for me?

                  Kind Regards,


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                    Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                    Did you try creating a new user and logging in as that new user.

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                      dano4127 Level 1

                      Hi Wade,


                      Just got back into work and tryed that and it worked!


                      So what can I do next?




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                        Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                        Do you have and haxies or plug ins installed that are user specific?


                        If so uninstall them and see if that helps if not then I would disable all fonts except the system fonts and adobe font cache files.


                        hey look like this



                        Picture 8.png




                        or use Cocktail to clear all cache files including the adobe fnt.lst files.


                        Cocktail is not free but you should have to run the cron and clean up caches repair permissions etc all in one application.


                        If that does not work we can try to do an archival reinstall which will keep all your data, accounts, keychain contacts etc, and if you choose you contact and e-mail stuff.

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                          dano4127 Level 1

                          Thanks Wade!!!


                          I turned off every font apart from the crucial ones and it finally opens!


                          Seems to be working fine now, just out of interest do you know the cause for this happening?


                          Thanks again,



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                            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                            Yes one or more of your fonts have become corrupt. you can trouble 

                            shoot them if you don't know how I will describe the method.

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                              I am having the same problem with Illustrator CS2 right now...it crashed last week and won't open anymore . . . I have re-installed the whole Creative Suite from scratch, removed all of my fonts except the ones in the systems folder and logged in as another user . . . none of these methods has worked.  Is it possible that one or more of my system fonts have been corrupted?


                              It Initializes, Reads Fonts, Initializes again, then freezes . . . any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated . . .