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    AIRI to AIR using adt


      I'm more of a user interface kindof person and after reading a bunch of pages on how to sign an airi with a certificate using adt.bat, I'm probably more lost than I was before I started.


      adt -checkstore -storetype pkcs12 -keystore yourCert.p12


      I tried changing the adt.bat tool to this (changing the location of my certificate) but it didn't work at all.


      Could someone please give me some indication as to what I'm actually supposed to do, step by step, to sign an airi with a certificate? Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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          Jeff Swartz Level 3

          You want to use the -sign option (not -checkstore). As in the following:


          adt –sign -storetype pkcs12 -keystore cert.p12 unsignedMyApp.airi myApp.air
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            Mavriša Level 1

            Where exactly do I write that and if I have the files in a different folder (C:\Documents and Settings\Matt\My Documents\Flash\AIR) do I have to put that in quotes or... what?

            Thanks for your help.

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              Jeff Swartz Level 3

              Yes, you can specify different paths to each file. And you can use quotes if file paths use blank spaces, as in the following:


              "C:\Program Files\AIR SDK\bin\adt" –sign -storetype pkcs12 -keystore "C:\Documents and Settings\Matt\My Documents\Flash\AIR\certs\cert.p12" "C:\Documents and Settings\Matt\My Documents\Flash\AIR\test app\unsignedMyApp.airi" "C:\Documents and Settings\Matt\My Documents\Flash\AIR\test app\myApp"

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                Mavriša Level 1

                Alright so I put all that in the adt.bat (changing the necessary fields) and then ran it... all that happened was it kept repeating what I typed in over and over again. Most importantly, it didn't create an air file. What exactly am I doing wrong...?

                Sorry I'm so slow with this and thanks for your patience.

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                  tzeng Adobe Employee

                  You don't modify the adt.bat file. You just need to type in at the command line.


                  To simplify the command, you can put the certificate and the .airi files in the same dir. Let's say C:\test.

                  Then you can cd to the dir.


                  Then the following command should work:
                  "C:\Program Files\AIR SDK\bin\adt"  –sign -storetype pkcs12 -keystore cert.p12 unsignedMyApp.airi myApp.air

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                    Mavriša Level 1

                    Ahh... in a post I read it said to modify the bat (not explicitly, but it did have a zip file for download which contained a file called adt.bat with its contents modified, so I kindof assumed)... it didn't seem right because I couldn't see where it would get any of those commands from, but as I said, I'm terrible with this kindof thing. Right, thank you