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    Adding actions to buttons




      I am trying to add actions to my buttons i want the user to be sent to another page when the button is clicked.

      The action i have attached to the button is

      on (release) {getURL(www.pharmeng.ie,_self);


      this is not working for me can someone help i don't know what im doing wrong

      The file is attached


      for any help


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need to put quotes around both arguments in the getURL function call.  Also try using a complete url:  http://....


          on (release) {

             getURL("http://www.pharmeng.ie", "_self");



          The only time you don't use quotes is when a variable assigned the string is used.

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            ever so frustrated Level 1

            Hi, I'm also having trouble with getting action script 2 and buttons, and searching for what i must be doing wrong.

            I'm new-again with Flash -- and had done some very simple work with a little action scripting in MX 2004. Now getting started with CS4, but chose action script 2 because 3 is way over my head for learning quickly)


            Very simple things, a get URL on one button, and other buttons to go to previous or next scenes. When i "enable simple buttons" the previous scene and next scene buttons work, but not when i test movie or preview publish or publish.

            Is there something special i should choose in the publish settings?

            I used the script assistant, and pretty sure the action script is okay, but i'll paste here



            on (release) {

            getURL("http://www.umarkers.com/aboutBuilding.html", "_blank");


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              I am so sorry to bother you with this question but I cannot seem to find how to post a new post. I just bought fireworks cs4 and I for the life of me cannot find the button editor. The old version was so straightforward and easy. Can you please tell me where to find it. I have searched the web for 2 hours now. I am just creating a simple role over nav bar. Use to be simple! Thank you so very much.