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    Language Support for Content in Air

    Premasagar Rose
      We are developing an app for displaying content in a number of languages. Can we assume that any language that can be viewed in a web browser can also be viewed properly in an Air app?

      There are a few languages that Air ships with, which allow a user to read dialog boxes and messages in their own native language. However, I imagine that more languages can be supported for the display of content within an app. E.g. a user may be using the English version of Air, viewing content in Urdu. Our app will show content from numerous UTF-8 encoded Atom feeds.

      The specific languages that we need to support are:
      * Farsi (Persian)
      * Arabic
      * Urdu
      * Hindi
      * Turkish
      * Vietnamese
      * English
      * Spanish
      * Brazilian Portuguese
      * Ukrainian
      * Russian
      * Indonesian
      * Chinese Simplified
      * Chinese Traditional

      Will all of these be fine? Is there anything that we need to bear in mind during development?
      Thanks a lot for your help.