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    How to Reduce size of photos


      Good day,


      I have taken photos with a Pentax digital camera and each photo have at leat 1,5 MO size.


      I have Internet intermediate and I have test to send and email wiht 3 attached photos JPEG and it has take 8 Min. 15 sec..


      How can I reduce the size of the photos with Photoshop Albun Editon Decouverte 3.0?


      P.S. When I take photo with my small Intel PC pocket camera the photo JPEG with resolution 2076x1466 the size are 502 KO.

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          Try this

          1. in Adobe PASE right click on the photo and select copy

          2. open up MS Paint, it is under accessories on your programs menu.

          3 under the file menu select new then under the edit menu select paste.

          4. depending upon the size of your photo you may have white background to the right and bottom of the photo - if so drag the outside edge of the white to the border of the photo. I do not expect you will have this with the size of photo you have got

          5. Under the file menu select save as

          6. on the dialog box give your file a different name eg. name_copy and select the save as type JPEG then click save.


          This should give you a copy which will have the same dimensions in pixels as your original but much smaller in size.

          On a test I shrank a file from 872kb to 257kb


          JPEG is a format which shrinks the storage size of a photograph by throwing away some of the data. Some programs allow you to specify how much you want to throw away (this is the quality setting on your camera). This is why your good camera gives you a much bigger file size than the cheaper one.


          MS Paint does not allow you to select the quality but just defaults to low quality which is why the file is much smaller.


          If you have a proper photo editing program you will find that this will allow you to change the size of the picture (pixel dimensions) and the file size by specifing the quality of JPEG required.


          Hope this helps


          Best wishes


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            mitrem Level 1

            Hi Bill.


            Thanks for the info, I will try that in a near futur!