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    Help with creating basic flow-charting app




      Warning: I am a Total Flex Newbie, but experienced programmer (C#, Ruby/Rails, ...)


      I am coming up to speed with Flex and want to dive in and improve my proficiency by creating a basic flow-charting app.


      The app will consist of a canvas plus a limited set of resize-able objects that will reside in a "tools" container.   These objects can be selected, dragged onto the canvas, connected to each other using a "connector" object -- either straight or right-angled lines, with the ability to be moved around the canvas while retaining their connections.


      That's it.


      I have been searching the forums and the web for pointers on how to start; but while I have found many related posts, I have not found enough to get me started.


      I would appreciate any pointers to example code or tutorials on how to approach/get started on this app.


      Thanks in advance!