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    cannot access event.text from my custom event


      I have a cutom event, and I want to access event.text when my custom event is dispatched and handled.


      package myCustomEvents.events
          import flash.events.Event;


          public class ItemRemoved extends Event
              public static const REMOVED_ITEM_EVENT:String = "itemRemoved";
              private var _removedItem:String;
              public function get removedItem():String {
                  return _removedItem;
              public function ItemRemoved(removedItem:String)
                  _removedItem = removedItem;





          // I have some html content with <a> </a> link tags in the textarea
                  <mx:TextArea link="dispatchEvent(new ItemRemoved(event));"  />



      private function removeSelectedItems (event:ItemRemoved):void
                                  // I want to access event.text here
                                  var theText:String = event.text





      Any ideas how to access event.text in this case? I get it to work when I do not use a custom event, and I cannot extend TextEvent.