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    Error compiling movie. Unknown error - When exporting

    Edmon Marouki Level 1

      Hi everyone.

      Exporting movies in Premiere PRO won't work for me. This error shows every time I export movie.


      - Source File: C:\Users\addo\AppData\Local\Temp\Merianna_5.prproj
      - Output File: C:\Users\addo\Desktop\Sequence 03.m2v
      - Preset Used: Custom
      - Video: NTSC, 720x480, 29.97 drop frame [fps], Lower, Quality 3,1
      - Audio: 192 [kbps], 48 kHz, Dolby Digital
      - Bitrate: VBR, 1 Pass, Min 1,50, Target 4,00, Max 7,00 [Mbps]
      - Encoding Time: 03:10:33
      17.5.2009 21:07:25 : Encoding Failed
      Error compiling movie.


      Unknown error.


      And when i'm opning the same project with CS2 I get this messege when it loads the project.


      C:\Users\addo\Documents\Adobe\Premiere Pro\3.0\Meriana.prproj

      Video Transition missing:  ADBE Dip To White



      The format of the movies that I'm exporting is wmv and iv'e tryed exporting into other format like avi or wmv but the same result.


      The hardware spec..

      Intel Core 2 Duo @ 3.2 GHZ

      Ram : 3 GB

      8800 GT Nvidia 512 MB

      Harddrives : 320 GB + 160 GB

      Windows 7 RC1 (Could be the problem?)


      Here are the site's that iv'e been shecked.

      Error:Error compiling movie    



      Thanks for the help evry one...