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    Still image size when importing to Premiere Pro CS3


      I was wondering if someone could help me.  I do a lot of Still Image Slide shows with music and all that jazz and I used to use Premiere 6.5.  When I would import the still images I could just lock the aspect ratio and it would automatically size the picture to fit the screen.  I recently upgraded to CS3 and when I try to import a photo it imports it at actual image size so if the pic to too big it just looks zoomed in.  I'm wonder if there is a setting in I can adjust so it autosizes the pic like it did in version 6.5?  It may sound lazy but I do these with a lot of picture and I don't have time to adjust the size of each photo in Photoshop prior to import.


      I have figured out a temporary workaround where I import the files into 6.5 and then open the existing project in CS3 but my new computer runs Vista and it's not allowing me to install 6.5 on it.  I would appreciate any help.