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    Recording doesn't match slide once converted to MP3


      I'm curious if anyone else has encountered this problem, and how they have resolved it....I record narration slide by slide. When I preview the slide, it all matches up. However, once I either publish, or preview the movie, the recordings for the slides don't always match up.

      For example, when viewing slide #3, there is narration for slide #15.....it's pretty random and usually only a few slides are affected.

      Currently, the only workaround I've encountered is to go back to the affected slides (which by the way are correct), delete the record, save the project, re-record for that slide, save the project....move onto the next affected slide and repeat the process. Unfortunately, this is very time consuming and doesn't necessarily guarentee that another slide won't be affected.

      This only seems to happen once the conversion to MP has taken place....

      Any thoughts?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi Merkinball - welcome to the User Community!
          I assume you are using Captivate 1.0.1? Do you mean that the audio is actually wrong (audio for slide #15 being played on slide #3) - OR - do you mean the file-naming is bothering you?

          If the former, you seem to be saying that the act of previewing or publishing is "scrambling" the audio files and placing them on the wrong slide, right? I've never heard of this problem and would have to see the CP file to offer any guess at the cause. If you think that might help, contact me off-forum by email.

          If the latter, and you are bothered by the "names" being numbered wrong, this is usually caused by adding audio, then moving slides around - just "get over it", as it shouldn't affect the ability of the movie to train, or to demonstrate an idea.

          Have a nice day!
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            Merkinball Level 1
            Thanks for the information...I am on version 1.01.1418 (I believe 1418 is the build). It's not the name of the audio file....I understand that changes and may not always match the slide number.

            The problem is that the wrong audio plays...and to go back to my example....slide #3 plays the audio for slide #15; however, the audio for slide #15 is correct.

            Due to project deadlines I had to fix the problem...not a fun job but it had to get finished. If this happens in my next project, I'll be able to post the files.

            I'm not an expert, but it seems to me that maybe there are pointers that link the slide and the audio file, and during the conversion a couple of pointers get messed up. I thought I'd see if anyone else has experienced this before I call Adobe support.

            Thanks for the reply!
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              CatBandit Level 3
              I admire your dedication to the job and hope your boss does, too. Yeah, I really haven't seen this - though in fariness to you, I think I have read others who reported it.

              I think you are probably 100% correct in your assessment. We had problems with those same "pointers" back in the olden days. The same problem also mismatched the placement of entire slides, too (this is back in "RoboDemo", the predeccesor of Captivate). A difficult but sometimes necessary workaround was to name each slide (vice using the "number" assigned by default). That did seem to work . . .

              . . . which leads me to wonder if the same concept might help with misplaced audio files ... giving them our own names instead of accepting the default naming system??? Just a thought.
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                Merkinball Level 1
                Thanks for the information...it's comforting to know that this at least sounds familiar!

                I may try to rename the audio files...that had crossed my mind at one point, but I wasn't sure if that would take care of the problem and didn't want to invest the time (there were 150+ audio files) in case it didn't work. It is something to keep in the back of my mind!

                Thanks for your insight!
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                  I'm having this problem in Captivate 3.  I seem to have it with every project, but it's usually just one or 2 audio files/slides that are affected so it's easy to export the audio file, delete both the correct and incorrect and reimport them.  But this time, I have 21 slides that have the wrong audio when published.  How can I keep this from happening time and time and time again!  Is it a bug that should be reported or operator error?


                  Any suggestions would be very welcome!

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                    mvlele Level 3



                    Try to import all the slides from the project to a new blank Captivate project.

                    Suppose File1.cp is the project which gives you problems after publishing.

                    1. Then launch Captivate and open File1.cp project.

                    2. Launch another instance of Captivate and open a new blank project.

                    3. In the new project go to File > Import > Slides and Objects and browse to 'File1.cp'


                    Now publish this newly created project and check if the issue is resolved.




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                      I had the same problem, so I came on this forum and tried out the two suggestions provided. Renaming the slides doesn't work.

                      Exporting the slides to a new file does work, but it's tedious and time consuming and I found that it causes some of the objects to rescale.


                      Anyway, I have GOOD NEWS. I have figured out what causes it and how to fix it, and I've had success with it.


                      For some reason, it's the audio file itself (the actual .wav) that takes the same name as another slide. For example, Slide 3 and Slide 22 in my project would play the wrong audio when published, even though each individual slide had its own audio. When I looked further, I discovered that even though the slides were separately named, the .wav file on both (tho different audio) was named Recording22 and thus Captivate became confused by which to play for each slide.


                      This is the solution!!:


                      1. Click on the audio icon on the slide in the filmstrip (the little speaker image) and select Export.

                      2. Choose a folder to save the audio file in.

                      3. It will generate a warning telling you that an audio file with that name already exists. Choose 'Rename.'

                      4. Save it under a different name.

                      5. Click on the audio icon again and click 'Remove.'

                      6. Right-click on the slide (once the audio has been removed) and select Audio>Import to slide.

                      7. Locate the audio file you just saved and import it.


                      Now Captivate will recognize two different .wav file names and assign them to the appropriate slides without mixing them up. Hope this helps! I know this issue frustrated me for days so if anyone else comes across it I'd like to spare them the pain!




                      Message was edited by: shealene NOTE: It's possible that Captivate won't prompt you to rename if you've never exported the .wav file before. If this is the case, simply export the audio on both slides that have the same named .wav file. If you aren't sure which slide is sharing the .wav name, locate the folder you exported the file to. The number of the file (Recording##) is the number of the slide that shares the .wav name.