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    Can't Render Full Video


      I'm working on an 8 minute video (so far).  The first five minutes of clips rendered just fine, but that's where it stops.  I just added another three minutes of clips on the timeline, hit return, I'm taken to the start of the video which begins playing.  This also happened with a previous film.  Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciate.  Many thanks.

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          N9JCR Level 2

          You may have your Work Area not set to include your whole video.  I've had that happen occasionally although I never did figure out how it happened.  If this is the case, you simply need to set your Work Area to match the start and end of your video.  It may work differently on older versions of PE so I'll just suggest you look in your Help pages for Work Area Bar and it should tell you how to adjust it.



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            dswift743 Level 1

            Thanks, Bob.  Clicking and dragging the work bar did the trick.  Don't know why the work area gets set where it does--maybe after a work session.