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    Scam Flash Player Download Site


      Apologies in advance if this is posted to the wrong forum.

      Looking down the list, I couldn't find one that seemed more relevant.


      There is a scam Flash Player download site at:



      Typing "flash," "flash player," "flash player 10," and other obvious search terms into Google brings the site up at the top of the page.


      It is using graphics that look very much like Adobe's trademarks which can lead people to believe the site is connected with Adobe.  They are also using phrases such as "Flash Player 10" that would appear to be Adobe trademarks.  The first time I looked at the site, I thought I was at an Adobe page because the trademark appeared to be there, and there was no notice that an Adobe trademark was being used - something one almost always sees at sites where a trademark in use is not owned by the site. If I were Adobe, I'd have my magnifying glass going over that site, looking for infringement.  (Who knows - maybe they've already looked ... )


      There is a lot of stuff on the page that could lead one to believe they are Adobe, offering enhanced software and services.  And - bingo - selling is what they are doing.  Get out your credit card to download their stuff - including Flash Player 9.


      The trick, when reading the fine print, is that they are selling "memberships."  I wonder how many people have downloaded Flash Player from this site, believing they are buying it directly from Adobe.  My niece did.  She's trying to get the charge removed from her credit card as I type this message.

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          pwillener Level 8

          Thank you for the warning; this is indeed a scam site!


          Hope somebody from Adobe takes notice.

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            contrazz Level 1

            Further information regarding suspicious actions of this site.


            The site had been asked to cancel the transaction within two hours of it taking place.  Some of the charges involved extra "premium" software sold along with the "Flash Player 10" download.  An extra ~$10 for software that would supposedly increase download speeds greatly.  The software all turned out to be PC only, with no mention of there being no Mac version, and no place to check.  The site indicated that Flash Player 10 would be downloaded, but all that was available was Flash Player 9 - which was probably already on the machine.  One also has to wonder whether their versions don't have zombie payloads.


            An archive of the the purchase confirmation page was fortunately kept to save the confirmation numbers and other information.  Among the information on the page was the way the charge would appear on the charge card.  Checking the card company's invoice, no charge by that name existed.  But there was a charge with a completely different label for about the right amount.  Calling the (866) number got us to a phone center in India.  Sure enough, the mis-labeled charge was the charge in question. The customer service person said that the amount will be refunded within 7 days.  We'll see.


            Note that an immediate request for cancellation had been made, so the charge shouldn't even have appeared.  The site boasts a 7-day money-back guarantee.


            I hope that someone, somewhere, will look into this site.  I was looking for some kind of complaint link at Google, but haven't found one yet.  The site appears not only in the search results, but they run an ad at the top of the Google search page - very visible.


            Once again, I hope Adobe will take a look at this highly questionable site.

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              Hello, under your second post scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Actually, scroll down to the bottom of this screen and you will see the following. You will see a "Report Piracy" link to Adobe. When that screen appears look to the far right. Under the bold black words "Next" the second selection down is "Report Piracy". This is a proper form that will allow you to give your experience to Adobe. I hopw this helps, tvwatcher.

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                pwillener Level 8

                Thank you - good suggestion!


                This is the direct link to the report form



                I have reported the site through that form now.

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                  contrazz Level 1

                  Thanks - I I've already reported via the Adobe form - though it was easy to overlook.  What I was hoping for was something similar at Google.  They are displaying a prominent ad, and are in a position to change the site ranking.  They used to have a form to report some kinds of shenanigans ... but I can't find anything now ...



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                    tvwatcher Level 1

                    Hi Roger, that is very interesting. I thought one should have no problem finding that on Google. As you know there are about eight or so other major search engines. Metacrawler, Alta Vista come to mind. You may want to check another search engine to see if you can find a forum open to your cause. If I come across something I will e-mail you the contact. Thank you and good hunting, Robert.

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                      contrazz Level 1

                      It's my understanding that Google's spamreport form is used rather specifically to catch sites that are loaded with match words that are unrelated to their content.  I've used that form several times in the past when getting ridiculous search results, and Google does seem to respond by reducing that sort of search-spamming.  In this case, it could be argued that this site is relevant to the search, so not spam.


                      What I'd like to see is for Google to kill the ad that gives the site prominence.  Or downgrade its page rank in the search results.  Or put up a warning.  They probably have quite a few reasons - a few of which may even be good ones - not to do any of these things.


                      Seems to me - the likeliest way to rid the cosmos of a site like this would be for Adobe to successfully sue for trademark infringement.  I have no idea how good a case it's possible to make.  And I've never been fond of litigation as a means of getting things done.  But this site might be a candidate.

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                        contrazz Level 1

                        Thanks for your response -


                        I was looking more for an appropriate complaint form than for another forum.  I think there is a Google forum that might be at least somewhat appropos - and I may take the time.


                        Wouldn't it be interesting if there was a way for people who have been scammed to complain to a single, central site, designed to get a high enough page rank to be seen close to the scam site in the search results?  Kind of like cyber-picketing.

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                          tvwatcher Level 1

                          I know what you mean. I have in the past went to complain and the company itself or the supporting company just does nothing. When the internet came I remember the computer freaks and purist of that time saying leave it alone, no regulation, it will self regulate, people will be responsible. As if major corporations would never use the internet and bad guys would never steal from us. Well, how do you like us now? I do not like interference anymore than you, but, when there is no support and companies are allowed to run us over like a doormat, I don't know. And now even the search engines have turned against us and favor the corporate who pay the bills. Advertisements should never have been allowed on the internet which would have precluded all this that is part of this mess. But, as long as there are good people like yourself that others of us can speak with from time to time it makes it worth while. I do not spend much time with people on the computer.

                          I mostly go to Hubble or NASA and view the cosmos and release that way. But company is good. The universe is a good listener but does not reply very well. Have a good three day weekend. I will talk with you later. Take care,


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                            yep. I got the same results. I am going to the bank tomorrow, and have sent an email to what I assumed is Adobe. I do have a Customer Service Case opening number. So, I believe this is something Adobe is either involved in, or this is a very detailed scam.