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    How to best deliver video for bandwidth and copyright protection?

    Gregory Lafrance Level 6

      I'm thinking of producing some online technical video tutorials, and I am wondering how I should deliver them with the following in mind:


      - I want to keep the download size as small as possible. I'm thinking of using captivate to create SWFs for each tutorial, so maybe this has nothing to do with Flex.


      - I don't want anyone to be able to download the SWFs and distribute them, etc. (copyright protection).


      My questions:


      1) Should I simply use a VideoDisplay control, and stream the video?

      2) Will users be able to right-click and save the SWF locally?

      3) Will be videos be cached? That would be good to reduce data transfer on my side when users want to view multiple times, but does that mean a copy of the SWF is saved and thus accessible for misuse locally?


      Any other hints on what to keep in mind when offering online video tutorials would be greatly appreciated.