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    Premiere recognizing my Canon ZR-60


      'I am currently trying to use my canon MiniDV ZR-60 to transfer my VHS tapes to my computer. My vhs tapes are not copyrighted. I have the rca AV cord going from the outputs on the vcr to the AV port on the camera. The camera settings are set to AV -> DV. I have changed the capture settins in Premiere to my canon. I am using windows vista pro and Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. I can get my VHS tape to show up on the Display on my camera but can not get the VHS to show up on my computer.


      When I try to capture in APPCS3 it says "can't activate recorder. Try resetting camera." I have turned everything off and back on and still nothing.


      i would love some help or other suggestions.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I've not used my ZR-60 as a passthrough device, as I have an A-D "bridge," to do that.


          However, I'll take a guess, or so. I *believe* that you'll need the camera in Record, rather than Play Mode (don't have the manual handy right now. If one does not work, try the other.), and then you'll start Capture in PrPro. You will NOT have device control, as you would with a tape in the Canon. Then, start your VCR deck and watch the monitor. This will be like using the software in my A-D bridge - you start the Capture, then the VHS tape deck. If they are not conveniently located near each other, just edit out the few moments of "dead time."


          Good luck,



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            jcorbett14 Level 1

            Thanks for the potential help but unfortunately it has not worked. Everything has been working fine except for Premiere Pro recognizing the camera.


            Thank you again for the thougth and suggjestions.

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              Eddie Lotter Level 4

              As a test can you capture from the VHS tape to the camcorder's DV tape, and then can you capture from the DV tape in PPro? If not in PPro then can you capture with any software, like Windows Movie Maker?