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    ASIO Multi-Client Support - Feature Request

    dstdean Level 2

      When AA 3 opens an ASIO device, it hogs takes possession of the whole device, even though some device drivers are built for multi-client support.  Other audio applications that allow for this functionality have preference screens built in with which you can choose the individual channels that will be used by the software - if a series of channels is not in use by that one application, then another audio application can utilize the unused ports.


      For example, I may choose to activate and use digital output channels 1-8 of an RME FireFace in Sonar as VSTi outputs, do a loopback in the RME TotalMix mixer, and then choose to use those same inputs to record into Reaper.  As long as I have only activated the 8 outputs in Sonar and the 8 inputs in Reaper, everything is copacetic.


      One can also use the pairs of outputs and split these multi-client interfaces into two halves (or any division, really) and have quite a bit of versatility - the only caveat being that there can only be a single word-clock (sample rate) for everything.


      If the developers could see fit to implement this in the next version, it would be nice.  I would like to get down to using just Reaper and AA and this recognition of multi-client capability would certainly help that cause.