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    Full Recognition of Waves Capabilities - Possible Feature Request

    dstdean Level 2

      About a month ago, I upgraded a version 3.6 Waves Gold bundle to a version 6 Platinum bundle.  After loading the software and having the DAWs recognize the plugs, I noticed that AA does not list the complete capabilities of each plug the way that Reaper does.


      In Reaper, each feature is listed separately (mono instances and stereo instances of the same plug, or 2 tap and 4 tap versions of delays) whereas Audition 3.0.1 only lists the Stereo versions of the same plugs.


      Maybe I am missing something here and someone can set me straight.  I welcome the instruction.


      If, however, this is a limitation of how Audition handles the WavesShell.dll, I would appreciate the developers looking into it for the next version.