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    Assembling Montages with Scenes from Separate VHS Tapes?

    Rambutani Level 1

      I have quite a number of 15- to 20-year-old VHS tapes that I want to bring into the 21st century.

      I just got a new computer, and have now transferred the tapes to a hard drive, using the ATI All in Wonder card to convert the VCR signals to Windows .mpg files.


      I would now like to take snippets from each of the VHS tape files that I can save as individual scenes, which I can then recombine into videomontages that can be saved to DVD and to hard drives.


      However, I am finding that Premiere Elements 7 does not seem to be designed to allow this seemingly straightforward project to be easily performed.


      Each of the original tapes generated 2 mpg files. So far I have had no trouble bringing those 2 files into Pre7 to be saved as a unique project from a given tape. If, spread over the 2 files from a single original tape, there are 4 scenes of particular interest that I would like to save for use in several montage films, how do I go about saving them as independent scenes? I guess I am looking for the equivalent of a global clipboard that I can save to and from which I can pull scenes to be used in several projects.


      I have no trouble using in and out markers and the scissors function to manually edit the clips (the 2 or 3 files produced from each of the original tapes) in a project to get the scenes I am looking for. But I don't know how to save those new subclips to be accessed in multiple other projects.


      Is there an easy way to do this in Pre7. And if not, what alternative software might I look into using?

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          Rambutani Level 1

          A correction:

          The video card I have is actually an ATI TV Wonder HD 650 PCI express card.

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            Paul_LS Level 4

            If you wish to use these scenes in multiple projects then you need to export each scene as a seperate video file. Best to export as DV-AVI as it is more compatible with PE7 than MPEG and should give fewer issues. To export a scene place the work area bar (WAB), the grey bar across the top of the timeline with handles each end, over the section you want top export... drag the handles to position the WAB over the scene you want to export. Then select File>Export>Movie and in Settings under Range select Work Area Bar.


            If you just want to create sub-clips to be used in the project you are working on you can double click the clip in the project media bin and it will open in the preview monitor. Then you can set in and out points and drag the clip from the preview monitor back to the media bin. You will then be prompted for a sub-clip name. Note however that these are not "real" clips... they are just pointers referencing the scene.