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    Deleting Topics in RoboHelp X5

    Samiksha A.

      Scenario (Robohelp X5):  I had taken a copy of an existing help file and renamed it. I had also deleted all old topics from it. After i had completed creating new topics for the new module, i generated the help. The generated webhelp was fine. But when i opened the 'SSL' folder (WebHelp>>SSL), i found the HTMLs of some of the old topics that had been deleted previously. I had to manually delete those topics again and regenerate. After regenarating it, those topics didnt appears again.


      Even after having changed the name of the project in the respective locations, the change was not being reflected. the parent folder showed both the original and renamed project names as .xpj extension.


      I would like to know why this problem had occured. If there any way of deleting all instances of a topic?