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    Please Help, Many Hours of work could be lost!


      I really apreciate any help!


      I have been working on a project for 3 weeks now and Know all the basics! I have defintely imported the project correctly, Straight from DV tapes from the deck to the project etc. I Have edited the video with transitions and music etc.


      The Project was working perfectly!!!! I had completed 90% of it! This morning I booted up and loaded the project, Everything is there, the transitions, the video, the edits, with all the effects HOWEVER!!!! The audio is there and the music clips are there, BUT they have no wave/sound. They are also unlinked, I tried linking them but no change. I can right click and reveal them in my project panel and they are there, I can drag the original clip or music to the sorce moniter and play them 100% perfectly but in the Timeline when I play edited work there is nothing!!! If I load an older saved file of the project same thing...I have saved an Into sequence seperately to the Bulk sequence, This sequence plays perfectly! I Have attempted to cut/copy the Bulk sequence and paste it on the Intro Sequence but still nothing.....As I am sure you are all aware, time is money and not only money i dunno if I can bare to have to edit all the same work again! So please any sugestions will help me remain sane!!



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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          Try parking the CTI over a flat-lined clip and then press the "M" key.  That performs a Match Frame operation that should restore your audio.


          In Premiere Pro CS3, copying/pasting clips and sequences between projects would sometimes cause the audio to disappear like that.



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            Eiissh Level 1

            No worries I managed to sort it out! I had to select the dumped footage from the dv tapes and then select it all in sorce monitor then drop it into the timeline then delete it! Then for some reason all the audio would be returned in the edited clips! Weird bug thats all i can guess!

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              Eiissh Level 1

              Thanks J


              I apreciate the reply, and will actually give that a try as well! Thanks a mill!

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                The issue of Audio going "flat-line" has been around for some time. There seem to be many different scenarios that will contribute to it (maybe even cause it). One is using Copy/Paste. One seems to involve Rendering. Some others have not been linked to anything in particular.


                Going back (two forum changeovers ago now), I did an article on my experiences with this in PrPro2. There were many useful tips and comments, that followed. For a bit, Stanley Jones had actually found that article in the archives. Now, it seems to be lost once more. It was in the replies in this thread, that it became clear that there could be different situations, where one might encounter this behavior, as all cases did not seem to be consistant.


                For most users, Jeff's solution seems to work fine. I did, pretty much as you, to "solve" my issues.


                This behavior seems fairly consistant (over versions and Projects), but the situation does seem to differ. Wish that it did not exist, or that we knew exactly what was definitely going to trigger it - we could stop doing that. Maybe we'll get lucky and some update, or upgrade to PrPro will just flat fix it in all cases.


                Good luck to us all,