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    flash cs4 crash issue


      Just forked out a shed load of cash for cs4 and man am I disappointed. I havent had it running solid for more than 30 mins after alomst a week this is really getting to me.


      The odd thing is that there seems to be no pattern to it at all, it might be becasue I'm moving along the timeline, adjusting something in the motion editor, previewing my clip(!!) or pretty much any other action involed in making a flash movie.


      specs are dell precision T7400 with:

      vista 64

      dual core xeon (2.33)

      4gb ram

      nvidia quadro fx 3700


      can anyone help?

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          webms42 Level 1


          I was having EXACTLY the same problem for the past two months.  I was at the point that I was going to remove CS4 completely from my computer and just go back to CS3 and request a refund. The overhead use of RAM was ridiculous.  However, I was notified on Friday that there is now an update in the Support Download area available for Flash.  I installed it over the weekend and at least I was able to open my large fla files and publish a large swf file.  I have not yet had time to fully evaluate it, but at least it is an improvement.  So go on over to the Support Downloads and download the new flash update and see if this helps.  Hopefully, it will.


          Now if I can just get Fireworks to do the same!


          I love being a guinea pig for software.