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    How to convert BPAV in PE4

    TheoRichel Level 1



      I would like to  create HD videos with the BPAV folders our EX3 Sony produces. Everything is filmed allright in HD as can be seen on Final Cut Pro on the MAC, but how do I get there in PE4?


      With the Sony Clip browser I can export to AVI, but the quality is disappointing.


      Shopuld I convert to another format and then which?




      Theo Richel

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I don't know if I'd recommend trying to cut video from a $10,000 camcorder on a $85 program.


          the cam is capable of producing video in a number of formats, but none are directly compatible with Premiere Elements.


          I'd recommend you upgrade to Premiere Pro CS4 for working with this type of footage.

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            Paul_LS Level 4

            To edit in PE4 you will need to convert your files to HDV MPEG2 if you wish to maintain the high definition. Otherwise convert to DV-AVI to work in standard definition... of course be converting to standard definition the quality will appear disappointing compared to the original high definition format.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              I would post your question, re-phrased a bit, into the Adobe PrPro CS4 forum.


              For the re-phrasing, I'd omit all mention of PElements. State the camera make and model (as you have done) with any more specific details. State the format (as you have done) and any specifics on the medium used to capture, i.e. P3 cards, etc.. Ask about the proper workflow in PrPro CS4 and sit back, as solutions will come in. Whether you will be able to adapt any/all of these to PE4 will have to be determined later. The workflow is what you want. Also, state your intended delivery scheme, i.e. full-HD BD, downsampled SD DVD-Video, etc. The more detail, the better. A lot of folk there work with full-range pro cameras, and might well have direct experience with your Sony.


              Good luck, and just do not mention PE, or you'll be directed to post in this forum - something that you have already done. Remember, it's just the ultimate workflow that you're looking for.



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                TheoRichel Level 1

                Thank you, meanwhile I found out that the mp4-files contained in the

                BPAV-folders can be read directly, without conversion by Premiere

                Elements (I started a 720p project for it). There is strange enough one

                file (mp4) that refuses to open in PE. It is not broken, and I tried a

                copy as well. Both open with the Sony Clip browser, but do not appear in

                PE4. I suppose it has to do with size: it is 3.3 gig.

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                  TheoRichel Level 1

                  Well I can read the MP4 files the camera produces, directly without conversion.

                  We'll upgrade when money is available, but for the time being I will jave to try with PE.

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                    TheoRichel Level 1

                    Thanks, will do!

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Good luck, and please update this thread with what you find out, as others will likely benefit from your research later on.