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    Save large DisplayObject as an image

    kaushal_bs Level 1



      I have canvas area of 12"x17" (864 pixel x 1224 pixel), where user can draw lines, shapes and put images, and when user hit save button, I need to save canvas as a bitmap image to server. I am using following code to get bytearray,


                  var dpi:Number = 300;
                  var imageSnapShot:ImageSnapshot = ImageSnapshot.captureImage(cnvs, dpi, new PNGEncoder(), false);
                  var ba:ByteArray = imageSnapShot.data;
                  pngObject.pngStream= ba;


      I pass pngObject to php using AMFPHP, and php generates image to server using bytearray. But most of the time it crashes browser, and even if it work then it take long time to generate image, and so user have to wait for a long period. Is there any way I can by pass this from user and generate image in backend regardless of user is exit from site or not.


      Please suggest me if you have any idea which can improve saving performance as well as keep users free from long waiting process.


      Thanks in advance for any help