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    help with expiring client scope




      I have a website that uses the client scope for its shopping cart. Im having a problem with expiring the client scope. What happens is when I make changes to the site that effect cookies, people who havce old cookies or client on there system get an error message and I for the life of me cannont figuer out a way to have the scope say expire when they leave the page or close the browser.


      THanks for any help.



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          GrumpyJoe Level 1

          Well, the web being stateless, it's not easy to auto-logout if a person just 'leaves' your website - the server just doesn't know they've gone.  If they actually 'log out'  you 'could' clear all their cookies using the cookie scope, but other than that maybe set a short expire on the client scope so that if a person does leave your site it won't be long before they time out and have to get new client vars next time.


          By the way, the client scope is not encouraged by Adobe (or so I seem to remember in the past).  Is there any reason you need to use it?  Would the session scope be more suited?  I KNOW it's faster, but not persistent unless you serialise the session scope via wddx (which you can do - emulating client scope when needed).