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    Audio problems when swf is published


      I searched the forum for this problem, but did not find a comparable issue. I apologize if this post is redudant!


      I am adding audio voice-overs to my flash animations, which will be later added to a Captivate project and published in total. Since the audio will be processed in Captivate, I do not want any compression of my wav file. So I've inserted my wav file...and when I test the file from the library panel, it sounds just fine. When I publish the swf, it sounds like it has been run through the compressor of death! It sounds terrible. In my library panel I have set the the compression of the wav file to "raw", as that is the uncompressed setting. Also, I am using Flash CS4. I have rendered the wav file from both Audacity and Soundbooth with the same results.


      Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, have you found a solution?