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    Can't transfer books to my 505 from Adobe DE

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      I've posted this on another thread, but it seems to have got lost amongst the other posts.


      First I want to make it clear that I have done all the updates possible.available to both the Sony reader,,Adobe DE and eBook Library.

      I have authorised the Reader and Adobe DE and I have an Adobe ID.


      Both e-Book Library and Adobe DE 'recognize' the Sony reader as the PRS 505 icon appears on both bookshelves.


      The Reader was purchased, legitamately in the UK [John Lewis]


      I can purchase books OK - downloaded one to Adobe DE from Waterstone's UK.


      When I attempt to drag the title into the 505 ir refuses to let me ["No permission to copy document here"]


      If I attempt the same within e-Book Library [I can get the book across to here by importing from My Documents] I'm again refused permission [ To tranfer this e-Book yoy must first authorize the Reader for Adobe DRM protected content. Would you Llike to launch Adobe Digital Editions and authorize the reader now?]


      If I click YES Adobe DE opens, but I'm given no prompt to authorize. when I click on Authorize Computer on the drop down menu it tells me "this computer is authorized to..." followed by my e-mail address which is also my Adobe ID.


      It's a hideous circle I can't escape from and makes the Reader virtually useless.


      Contacted Adobe Support but after a couple of e-mails where , essentially they said " are you sure you've done everythingh right" my case has now been referred to the Technical Dept - and things have gone very, very quiet.


      Anyone out there have a clue what I do next.


      Note: Beyond the basic operations I an no computer whizz!