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    Robohelp, Firefox and 

    Quiet in the Corner Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm reaching my wits end on this one.


      A couple of months ago I wrote in with a query regarding encoding issues when serving RoboHelp Webhelp pages from a Linux Apache server to Firefox. Peter Grainge very kindly supplied with a work around that my customer assured me worked (I had no way of testing because I didn't have a build of their product here in the UK at the time, I do now).


      Having completed the whole help file I now find that the work around did not work and the pages still serve showing nothing but .


      During my own investigation have found that if I edit the spaces out of the top of the root level HTM files the pages do in fact display but with major formatting issues sprinkled at random throughout the whole project, which is not terribly satisfactory.


      From what I can tell this is something to do with encoding. Apparently RoboHelp adds it's own 'BOM' (?) but Linux Apache Server modifies the content and Firefox doesn't know how to display the content? I have to admit much of this is over my head, but am right in thinking that if I can find away to prevent RoboHelp from adding the BOM this won't be an issue?