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    Cannot open PRE 4.0 projects in PRE 7.0.


      I get an error saying the project is damaged or corrupted.  Is there a conversion or update routine for this???

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You generally cannot open older version projects in newer versions of the program. Sometimes it works -- but it usually causes unpredictable errors. This is because the program goes through such dramatic overhauling each generation.


          The best solution is to finish your version 4 project in version 4 -- or at least get it far enough along that you can share the video as a DV-AVI (Share/Personal Computer) and edit the "finished" footage in a new project.

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            Kodebuster Level 3

            I've had good success opening my PE4 Projects with PE7.


            Once opened and they check okay, I then save it as a PE7 Project for future use.


            With that said, all my Projects utilize DV-AVI Type 2 for video Assets, Photo's are optimized for PE (1000x700 pixels), and my Menu Creation is simple and straight forward.


            I can't judge success for other Assets, extremely complex Projects, or a Feature/Function used with PE4 that no longer exists with PE7 (this is rare, but always possible)...

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Does the Project still open fine in PE4?


              Did you use Themes/Instant Movie? Do you have any Transitions from 3rd-party companines, that might not be installed on the machine with PE7?


              If the Project also shows as Corrupt in PE4, can you go back to an AutoSave file on that machine? If not, you *might* have luck with a utility, XML Wrench. In some cases, the header of the PREL file can get corrupted. XML Wrench can repair the header data in some cases. Might be worth a look. Only bother with this, if the same PREL will NOT open in PE4.


              Good luck,



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