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    Does Premier 7 handle MPEG 4 Files?

    paul be

      Hi, just bought a new Sanyo Camcorder which records 720p HD in MPEG 4 format.  Tried contacting Adobe Sales by e-mail, who tell me they don't support unregistered products, seems a sure fire well to sell, but........ Does anyone know if I can handle these files dirctly in Premier 7, please?  I can find a workaround in 3.0 by converting to WMV HD in Roxio, but would prefer the ease of handling in a single, familiar application, if I could.  Anyone have any experience, please?


      Paul B

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If these are AVCHD files and not merely hi-def MPEG4s (like the ones produced by Flip cameras and some still cameras), yes Premiere Elements 7 can edit them. But without knowing which model of camcorder you have, it's hard to say if yours is an AVCHD camcorder.


          One note though: AVCHD is probably the most challenging format to edit because it requires a tremendous amount of computer power to handle these hi-def, highly-compressed files. Most people editing AVCHD successfully on a PC have quad-core or i7 processors, 4 gigs of RAM and lots of very fast hard drive space.

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            paul be Level 1

            Hi Steve thanks for the prompt reply, they are simple MP4 files, recorded in

            720p format.  I can handle these in Premier 3 if I convert to WMV HD using

            Roxio Easy Creator Suite, just can't handle first generation, so wondering

            if Premier 7 has this inbuilt?


            Thanks again Paul B