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    Select Form Question

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      Hi all -

      How do I "pre-populate" the display of a Drop Down Select box
      to initially display "Select Month" until the visitor makes a selection.

      <select name=month></option>
      <option value='01'>January</option>
      <option value='02'>February</option>
      <option value='03'>March</option>
      <option value='04'>April</option>
      <option value='05'>May</option>
      <option value='06'>June</option>
      <option value='07'>July</option>
      <option value='08'>August</option>
      <option value='09'>September</option>
      <option value='10'>October</option>
      <option value='11'>November</option>
      <option value='12'>December</option>

      Thanks for any assistance