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    Adobe Reader 9 very slow to print dialogue screen


      In the last week (not new installs or upgrades) I have two users develop issues when trying to print PDF's (no other doc types affected). Both have XP SP3, PCL driver. One has Acrobat 9, the has Acrobat 6. Two other users have Acrobat 9 and do not have the problem. All printing is via ethernet with a MS SBS 2003 server handling the spooling.


      Details: When clicking Print from the File menu it takes 30-90 seconds for the print dialogue window to open. Once 'Ok' is clicked the printing starts in a normal amount of time. Changing the default printer does not affect delay.


      So far I have rebooted the two affected workstations and restarted the spooler service on the server. This did not help.


      I have looked over some of the other threads and we do not experience issues at the printer (delay between pages, etc.). Anyone with an idea of what is going on?