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    HVX-200 and P2 rant

    joshtownsend Level 2

      It's really becoming a pain for me to work with Premiere and After Effects CS4 so I gotta vent a little.


      I'm doing Post FX and Color Correction in After Effects. I edited the movie in Premiere CS4 (started a bit in CS3 but movied over).


      Ok I shoot 24pa (with is basically 24 progressive frames captured though 60i). In CS 2,3 Premiere and After Effects both removed the extra frames automatically.


      Now since Late last year, I have to remember 'interpret footage' and check the box in Premiere. OK so I can lasso a bunch of files at once and do it in one shot. But all the time I bring in new clips and sometime I forget to 'check the box'


      Or worse, MEDIA BROWSER makes searching through P2 clips a breeze. Hell I can even pick in and out's with dragging the clip in. Except, I have to remember to 'Interpret footage' for each one I pull in.


      Ok I'm whining..but it gets worse!!!


      There's that great 'replace with After Effects' feature. Being able to fix a shot in AE makes editing so much easier for me.


      Except you have to do the 'INTERPRET FOOTAGE' DANCE AGAIN!!!!!!! Even if you did it in Premiere already. And this time it's not so easy, more clicks. But I'm, only doing one or two shots at a time in Premiere so it's not that annoying.


      So the cut's done (locked), let's finish the color correction in AE where I have much more powerful tools available and 32 bit float.

      Before I knew what I'm about to tell you I had 45 shots in a 10 minute reel as separate AE files.


      WTF When I 'import Premiere pro project' in AE. Every single AE file in the project is MISSING. I have to manually tell it where each file is located.


      That was 8 months ago. I still use AE to finish almost everything I do but I'm disappointed in Premiere. I'm actually thick enough to hope 4.1 gets something right, I'm afraid there to worried about RED.




      Rant's over for now.