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    Can scene markers be exported with a clip?

    dmsketchup Level 1

      (Using PE4)


      I want to build a large project out of several smaller subprojects (because by the time there is 30-45 minutes of content, the editing experience gets frustratingly slow).  I want to do all the tricky stuff in small subprojects, and then only at the end have to deal with putting the large project together.


      For example, the large project might be My Vacation, and the subprojects might be The Hike, The Beach, The BBQ.  Each of the subprojects will eventually have a Main Menu Marker in the final large project.  But each subproject may have scene markers within it.


      What I want to do is this:

           Create a new subproject (The Hike)

           Bring in some DV-AVI clips relevant to the hike (HikeA, HikeB, HikeC)

           Add titles, transitions, and scene markers

           Export the subproject to DV-AVI


      Repeat for The Beach and The BBQ.


      Then, create the large project, bring in the subproject DV-AVI's (The Hike, etc), add ONLY main menu markers, and then share the big project to DVD.


      The problem is that when the subproject DV-AVI's are brought in, the scene markers are gone.  Under Compile Options for the Microsoft DV-AVI export file type, there are check boxes for "Fields to Export", of which "Chapters" is one (if chapters are the same as scenes??), and there is also an option to Export Blank Markers.  So it sounds like maybe what I want to do is possible.


      The "Edit Original" facility doesn't quite do what I want.  I want to avoid putting all the scene markers back in when I'm in the large project.


      Is there a way to work with subprojects like this?  Should I be exporting to some other format for the subprojects?  Or am I stuck with having to set scene markers in the final large project?