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    Premiere Elements 4 Questions... Please help!

    Patty W.

      I am new to Premiere Elements 4. Is there a way to add random transitions to my entire slideshow at once? Also, is there an option for "auto motion" so that each slide will "move" on the screen? Also, how can I change the duration of each photo in the slideshow? I have not found where I can set the duration. I'd really like to delete one or two songs and make each photo last a shorter time. Please help. Thank you. Patty

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          Unfortunately you can not add random transitions, you can make a slide show in the project Media Panel and add a default transition (selectable) but not random transitions.


          To change the default duration for photos go to Edit>Preferences>General>Still Image Duration. To change the duration for different photos you need to click and hold on the edge of a photo on the timelime and drag it to the duration you want.


          For auto motion go to the Effects panel, then in the drop down where it says Video Effects select Presets. Scroll down the window that opens and you will find Horizontal Image Pans plus others. You can customise these by going into the Properties of the photo (right click on the photo on the timeline and select Properties or click the Properties icon above the timeline to the left). In the Properties panel select Motion and here you will see Scale and Position. Click on the Keyframe button (the stop watch to the upper right) and you will be able to see the keyframes that the preset has applied. You can adjust these to customise the movement and size.